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Marc Castellet

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- Wedding videographer from Barcelona -

Frames from the films

 "My expectations were completely blown away when I saw our wedding video"

"The quality is incredible, but what really shocked me was the beautiful storytelling and how much he was able to capture the magic of that day"

"I cannot express enough how lucky I feel to have picked Marc to capture our wedding in film and postproduction"

P&A celebrated their wedding at El Convent de Blanes, near Barcelona in a shiny day. Love and good music in this great day!

J&J are a lovely couple from the USA with a great sense of humor. A classical wedding in Barcelona at Castell de Sant Marçal with a lot of fun.

C&G chose the lovely spot El Convent de Blanes (near Barcelona) to celebrate their wedding. A beautiful day and a great party!

A&D came to la Costa Brava from NY looking for the sun at El Convent de Blanes to celebrate their wedding, and it finally shined!

The wedding is yours! So I don't direct and I always try to go unnoticed as much as possible, but I intervene as little as necessary so that there is good communication between us and the work goes as well as possible. I will be with you from the moment it all starts until the party that closes your day.


No two weddings are the same because you make it different. Your video will also be unique. And because of this, just before I start to edit, we will talk about what kind of music (wich determines the rythm of the edition) is better for your project and you will decide.

The basic edition will always consist of two videos: the film of about 20 minutes in narrative format, and a short one that could be in the style of a video clip too. I will also provide you the entire ceremony and the speeches in a separate clips.


If you are interested in having me make your video, photos or simply still thinking about it but have any doubts or questions, contact me without any obligation and I will explain how I usually work and also what my rates are.

I have been a video maker and photographer for over 20 years. Wedding videography for me is more about authentic documentation. Capturing the full, sometimes raw, emotional story of a wedding.

Like many others I don't just do weddings. My works always try to look for the most documentary format, which is what I like the most and I would say it's the only way I know how to work. 


Marc Castellet | Filmmaker | Photographer
Terrassa - Barcelona (Spain)


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Marc Castellet on Instagram

Marc Castellet | Filmmaker | Photographer
Terrassa - Barcelona (Spain)

Marc Castellet | Filmmaker | Photographer
Terrassa - Barcelona (Spain)

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